My Sweet Peas

My Sweet Peas

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dear Blog,
 I realize it has been since November since I have posted. Shame on me. However, I'm beginning to think we need to part ways. Not because great and fun things aren't happening around here.  There's just not enough hours in the day. Please don't feel bad as you aren't the only one being neglected. My poor children's scrapbook has not seen a new page added for quite some time.  Sewing projects are far and few between and there is a pile of books on my nightstand I've been dying to dig into=/
There have, however, been many wonderful events since I posted last. Here is a tiny glimpse (trust me, I'm leaving out a LOT of pictures) of the last 5 months. sigh.
Things like Christmas:

and then there was Joaquin's 2nd birthday (kind of a big deal)

we certainly don't want to forget that a new niece entered our family!
And a shower with old friends to celebrate her arrival!

Brian has been working on our double decker playhouse for quite some time now. Poor guy has less time than me to do anything. It's finally looking like a playhouse though. I think we scared off our neighbors with this because they are now trying to sell their house. oops.

Most recently we celebrated Poppi's 65th birthday with a dinner at Posados and a bundlet!
I have no pictures because, well, you see, I'm losing my touch.

As you can see plenty has happened. Possibly why I can't keep up.
And now Easter is upon us,

quickly followed by zoo days and trips to Arkansas/Oklahoma to see family. This could be the end.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Brian and I decided we would adapt the "every other year birthday party" idea for our kiddos. That meant no party for NJ this year. So, we took her to Build-a-Bear instead!
I never really know what reaction I will get from this silly girl, but this was a big hit just as we had hoped!  Daddy took off work a little early so we could shop and eat.  We wanted it all to be her ideas of how to create this special animal so the possibilities were endless.

As you can see, NJ wasn't the only happy child here=) Joaquin had a blast! He loved pulling the animals around on their leashes but he really got cracked up when it would fall over on it's side. He thought that was hilarious!
After they played for about 20 minutes, we finally pinned Natalie down to make a choice one which "bear" (or cat or dog or pony or.....) she wanted.  We pointed them all out and were not going to limit her choices. The door was wide open.................we had to refocus her a couple times, but she was finally ready to choose. A longhorn. A longhorn, yes you read that right. Out of the 150 choices (or so it seemed) she haphazardly grabs a longhorn and says, "This is cute." 
Uh... no. Uh uh. Not gonna let that one happen. I'm a die-hard Arkansas Razorback fan that lives in Texas. Just can't do it. I looked at Brian and said, "Sorry! I just can't let her choose this one!"
So, I kindly told her no and showed her all the other amazing choices=) I'm sweet like that.  She settled on a rainbow bear that was super cute and really soft. Whew. Dodged that bullet.
From there the stuffing was added along with heart and sound. We didn't let her get the beating heart, but we did let her pick the sound. Big mistake. Why didn't someone warn us about those! They had some cute sounds such as a giggle, or 5 little sayings, or a magic wand. But oh no! She comes across the 'My Little Pony' theme song and is sold=/ I'm not about to be the one that makes her cry on her birthday excursion so we begrudgingly nodded our heads yes. Fun for us in the future.
Natalie was a little timid with the whole bathing the bear bit, but after I brushed his hair and "blow dried" it she joined me.
Joaquin joined in when we began looking at the clothes for her bear. He immediately spotted the outfits with a ball. He kept shouting "ball!" In the picture above he walked over to Brian, grabbed his hand and said, "come on." Too cute. So glad he had as much fun as she did.
Once Nat settled on a dress, she took her to the dressing table to "try it on."  Since she chose the Cinderella dress she just had to have the matching glass slippers that had a heel. She was obsessed with the high heel shoes for the bears. Such a girlie girl!
Our Build-a-Bear birthday adventure was a success! We left with a Happy 4 year old and her new friend, Clubby! So glad we chose this over a party this year. Fun family adventure with good memories.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mosaic Movie Matinee

Tonight was our movie premiere of the STUCK documentary and it went really well. We had a smaller crowd than we had hoped for, but several new faces and a wide variety of age groups represented. That's exciting! Click here to watch the trailer and see what you missed.
A huge thank you to the following representatives who were on hand to answer questions and supply information on adoption and foster care and other volunteer opportunities within our community! Please take a minute to check out their links and learn more about these wonderful organizations.

It's more than just adoption. There are so many different ways to be involved in caring for orphans. Mosaic has identified 3 main goals for our ministry that we believe address the need to care for orphans:
1.VISIT the orphans where they are
2. PROVIDE for their needs
3. SUPPORT those who support them (adoption/foster families)

Any events in the next couple of years will be centered around these 3 areas of orphan care.  In March, a Mosaic team member will be leading a mission trip to Thailand. Click here to find out more about this trip and the unique ways we will be caring for orphans of all ages.

We even rolled out our new shirts! $10....

It's exciting to see how God is using this ministry in the lives of others! Thank you for those of you who prayed for this event! Join us and others around the world as we pray for the orphans tomorrow on Orphan Sunday..... every child deserves a family.

We are so thankful for our extended "family" for our kids too! We love you Jerry and Jenny.
(maybe one day my kids can be normal in a picture again)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday Razorback style

Last weekend was our first trip to Hog Country for a football game! With two kids now traveling for the games doesn't come nearly as easily so we have to pick 2-3 games to attend and sell off the other tickets we have.
It was a late night traveling as usual but the kiddos did really well. Even captured a sweet moment of hand holding=) This year we have opted to stay in Tulsa with Brian's sister and brother-in-law. It's helpful in two ways: a) We get to carpool with them to the game giving us more time to visit, and b) his mom and dad graciously offered to keep the kids so we can go! So blessed.

Of course the game we choose to attend turns out cold and rainy! Cold I'm ok with. Rainy, not so much. As we suited up and prepared to head to the game my mom and dad surprised me with a mini birthday celebration fit with a Rick's Bakery hog cake and gift! It was quite delightful and unexpected.
The fans did a pretty good job of 'striping the stadium' red and white. For the first time EVER, the ESPN camera man was in our section so we hollered like idiots and jumped around like your supposed to when on TV. I also had to throw up the "A" that I think should totally catch on. Yes, Micah, I think it's cool!
Sadly, after a pretty fabulous looking game, we fell to Bama by 1 stupid extra point. Ugh. Moving on.

Sunday morning Brian's family surprised Natalie and I with a mini birthday party for two! Another unexpected surprise. Cookie cake, decorations, ice cream and gifts....what more could we ask for?

Natalie enjoyed opening her gifts and got some really great stuff! New clothes, new stick on earrings and bracelets, coloring books and a Doc Mcstuffins Operation game! Fun times ahead for me and NJ. Thanks for a fun party and making NJ and I feel special!

Just a few sweet moments captured on film...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Gone fishin........again!

Labor Day weekend was spent with Brian's family in Arkansas. Unfortunately our trip was way too fast due to Sunday morning commitments. We left TX Friday around 4 and returned to TX on Saturday around 10 pm. The only good thing about that was the fact that we wore the kids out so much they slept nearly the entire trip. This never happens people. Never.
We spent our day at Grandpa's pond letting Natalie fish again. She was so excited about getting to go fishing again! This time she got really brave touching her fish, holding the worms and pinching them into pieces for her hook! I couldn't believe it. A mere 4 months ago she didn't want to touch the fish because it was looking at her! ha!  
As you can see above her first cast yielded a huge catfish! She was giggling so hard as we made such a big deal about it. After that she just kept reeling them in one after another. I think her total was up around 8 or 9 again. I wish the video would work because we captured her casting "style."  She got so confident she wanted to do it herself, and every time she would toss it out her little leg would come up in the air with a little kick. Just like a little girl. Grandpa and I got a good kick out of that! No pun intended.
The other part of our time was spent reading, playing with the new toys Grandma brought the kids, watching the Hogs play and eating fried fish (chicken for me), hush puppies, french fries, cornbread and homemade ice cream with peach cobbler! Mercy! 
Our quick trip was packed full of fun, food and memories!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sometimes I Blog.....

Well, I didn't realize it had been an entire month since I last updated this silly thing. Sheesh.  Here's what you have missed.....

This summer the kids and I spent a couple of weeks in Arkansas with my folks. There is always plenty to do out there in the "deep dark woods" as Natalie calls it. It's nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors.  Natalie's favorite outdoor activity now is visiting the chicken coop! And this time she got her first egg from the nest. Love these two pics of Joaquin. He's such a mess!
On this visit we decided to take a day to go to the Little Rock Zoo. I hadn't been there in ages. It was a bit hotter than we preferred but the kids did really well.

As soon as we walked in the zoo we could hear these howler monkeys. They were on a roll! I could have listened to them forever but Joaquin didn't share my sentiments.  There was another type of smaller monkey that was just as vocal and responsive to us being there so it was fun to interact with them.

Our other adventure was spent out at my Granny's house for the day.  She saved a big squash for Natalie to pick, but she was a little hesitant to grab it.  So we let wild man do it!  Once she saw him she was ready to pick away. She got a couple squash and tomatoes.  Maybe she will be ready to help me plant a garden next spring.
I had to capture a picture of Granny in the kitchen because that wraps up who she is! Even in her 90s she is frying up some amazing squash. Yum!  I enjoyed spending the day with her and letting her embrace the kiddos.  Good memories are always made at Grannys.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mother's Day Out

This is Natalie's first year to go to Mother's Day Out. We chose to put her in the FBC here in our town so that hopefully she will meet some sweet friends that she will start kinder with in a couple of years. The other reason we chose it is because it takes a whole 5 minutes to get there! For once something is close and convenient.  JZ will be staying home with me so there won't be a lot of free time that everyone thinks I will be getting. I'm hoping to shop with 1 kid instead of 2, take JZ to storytime like I did with NJ and just spend some quality time with he and I. (Not that he really needs it as he is a total clingy momma's boy right now, but still)

On Tuesday we went to 'Meet the Teacher' to see her room and talk to her teachers.  It went about as we suspected. Natalie shut down, kept her finger in her mouth the whole time and didn't utter a single word for the 20 minutes we were there. This is her typical response to a new situation. She needs time to take it all in and assess what's going on. Here's the picture to prove it.

Yeah that will be in her graduation slideshow for sure!

Thankfully, we had another whole day to talk about what all would happen at school and get her a little excited.  When she woke up the morning of her first day she saw this

and a little smile creeped on her face when she asked what it said.  She was very excited about her lunch box.
She promised me she would smile this time when I took her picture with her teachers.......and she delivered!

Her day went really well. This is a picture they posted on their FB page.

She continued playing with her friends even after she saw me there to get her. Always a good sign!  The teachers, however, did not wear her out enough. She didn't nap at school, didn't nap at home and chattered nonstop most of the afternoon/evening. Whew. I was tired!

So thankful she loved it and shed no tears! She needs this out and so do I. Here's to a fun year full of learning and new experiences!