My Sweet Peas

My Sweet Peas

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dear Blog,
 I realize it has been since November since I have posted. Shame on me. However, I'm beginning to think we need to part ways. Not because great and fun things aren't happening around here.  There's just not enough hours in the day. Please don't feel bad as you aren't the only one being neglected. My poor children's scrapbook has not seen a new page added for quite some time.  Sewing projects are far and few between and there is a pile of books on my nightstand I've been dying to dig into=/
There have, however, been many wonderful events since I posted last. Here is a tiny glimpse (trust me, I'm leaving out a LOT of pictures) of the last 5 months. sigh.
Things like Christmas:

and then there was Joaquin's 2nd birthday (kind of a big deal)

we certainly don't want to forget that a new niece entered our family!
And a shower with old friends to celebrate her arrival!

Brian has been working on our double decker playhouse for quite some time now. Poor guy has less time than me to do anything. It's finally looking like a playhouse though. I think we scared off our neighbors with this because they are now trying to sell their house. oops.

Most recently we celebrated Poppi's 65th birthday with a dinner at Posados and a bundlet!
I have no pictures because, well, you see, I'm losing my touch.

As you can see plenty has happened. Possibly why I can't keep up.
And now Easter is upon us,

quickly followed by zoo days and trips to Arkansas/Oklahoma to see family. This could be the end.....

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